The Seven Ranges of Busy

Stage 1: NOT BUSY My schedule is vast open. I can select infinite paths. Zero commitments. The weekend. I sleep like a child. Life is nice, however am I residing my greatest life?

Stage 2: STUFF TO DO I’ve a number of commitments wandering round my mind. They’re affordable, knowable, and never deadline-based. I can maintain monitor of the whole lot in my head.

Stage 3: SIGNIFICANT COMMITMENTS I’ve sufficient commitments that I must maintain monitor of them in a instrument as a result of I can not organically triage. My calendar is a factor I examine occasionally, however I do examine it to remind myself of the flavour of this specific day.

Stage 4: AT CAPACITY My to-do and my calendar are full. I regularly must make “What’s extra vital?” selections to assist me work out the place to take a position my time. There isn’t a unscheduled time, however I proceed to really feel up to the mark. Inbox zero maintained.

Stage 5: CRACKS IN THE FACADE I inform myself I’m on high of all of the issues, however there are early indicators of extreme work. That is when Inbox Zero fails. I do know each day surprises may very well be prevented if I had… only a bit extra time. I begin saying “I’m sorry” loads. Stuff isn’t getting dropped, however execution turns into sloppy.

Stage 6: CRUSHING COMMITMENTS The incoming quantity of issues are past my skill to triage them. Change is fixed. Simply saying “No” to inbound issues just isn’t sufficient. Stuff is falling on the ground, and I’m not noticing. Work hours spill into life hours. Drained.

Stage 7: UNSUSTAINABLE I reside minute to minute. Consuming and different requirements are shoved in-between issues, however consuming and different requirements are regularly uncared for. To-do lists don’t assist me right here as a result of I don’t have time to take care of them. My calendar adjustments from hour to hour. It’s clear by how I stroll how busy I’m. I get plenty of unintentional “He’s screwed” appears to be like. Zero work-life stability. This isn’t sustainable.